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Tilt and Turn Windows

The best of both worlds in one product. Tilt and Turn windows provide a scenic view, whilst also providing unobtrusive ventilation. Transform and differentiate any property with a Tilt and Turn window.

For a contemporary European look that provides clean lines, crisp detailing and fully integrated hardware, this window delivers.

Our Tilt & Turn windows provide the very best of both form and functionality, making them extremely easy to operate and providing a dual-action movement.

Gain enhanced weather and sound proofing with our superior gaskets.

Having a tilt-only function means you can provide additional ventilation without sacrificing security.

As this window can open fully inwards, it provides you with the ability to clean them extremely easily.

Features & Benefits

Our Tilt and Turn windows provide concealed gearing as standard, providing an overall better solution than outdated face-fix gearing, with fully integrated hardware and no visible components, delivering a modern and minimalist aesthetic. Continuous interior rebate gaskets enhance weather and sound-proof characteristics of this diverse, dual-purpose window.

Windows that pass the test

You and your home are valuable and at TruFrame we take this very seriously. That’s why we offer Yale locking on our window products as they are one of the most recognised and respected names in home security.

Our range

Designed to meet the high standards and security that homeowners have come to expect for their home