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French Casement Windows

Open up your property to the surrounding environment with our beautiful and innovative French Casement windows.

Our egress and egress “Easy Clean” hinges open to a full 90° angle with one opening sash carrying the centre mullion offering completely unrestricted space.

French Casement windows are fully compliant with current Building Regulations and are therefore ideal for smaller openings especially where a fire escape is required.

When the window is fully open there is no central mullion obstructing the view, this allows the maximum amount of light to flood the room.

It is possible to open both vents fully or alternatively open the master sash independently to the slave sash for ventilation.

French Casement windows provide totally unobstructed views and the assurance of being large enough to double as a fire escape for the home, office or building.

Features & Benefits

A flying mullion attached to the master sash keeps the amount of plastic profile on show to a minimum, this allows even smaller openings to be used as fully Building Regulations Part B. compliant fire escapes. Our French Casement windows can also be fitted with optional “Easy Clean” hinges for fast and hassle-free window cleaning and maintenance.

Windows that pass the test

You and your home are valuable and at TruFrame we take this very seriously. That’s why we offer Yale locking on our window products as they are one of the most recognised and respected names in home security.

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Designed to meet the high standards and security that homeowners have come to expect for their home